Outsourcing IT will benefit your business

There’s always been a debate about whether it’s best to outsource your IT team or not. And let’s be honest, this debate will continue for many more years to come. While some may think we’re biased, as we’re one of the UK’s leading Managed Service Providers, we firmly believe that outsourcing all or part of your IT function will only benefit your business. Here are our reasons why outsourcing your IT is for the best.

Allows you to focus on your business

You’re busy enough as it is juggling your clients and running a business. The last thing you need to be pulled into is dealing with the latest IT issue. The more this happens, the more your clients and business will suffer as a result. The right provider will lighten your load to ensure that your clients get the best experience from your business. Happy clients will mean more repeat business. All you need to do is work with a trusted, friendly, responsive provider like us.

Diverse talent pool

In-house teams often lack diverse knowledge and experience, usually down to their small team sizes, even when supporting larger businesses. But the great thing about humans is we all have different interests, knowledge and experience. When you work with an IT provider, such as us, your business has access to many IT consultants with varying interests, knowledge and experience, which means we’re likely to resolve your issue sooner than your onsite team.

Not only that but with the ongoing recruitment crisis, how quickly would you realistically be able to fill an IT position if someone handed their notice in today? All the time you’re an IT employee down, it’ll impact the level of service your business can deliver to your clients.

Cost efficiencies from IT outsourcing

When you’ve got a dedicated onsite IT team, you’ll realistically need at least two full-time employees just to be able to cover their annual leave. Then on top of that, you’ll need to invest more into training and upskilling to ensure that they’ve got a broad enough IT skill set to meet the needs of your business.

Whereas with an outsourced IT team, you’ll have access to a large service desk team, all within your set monthly support costs, which are usually cheaper than employing onsite staff. And you’ll not have to worry about investing in their training and knowledge.

We’d like to outsource IT, but we’ve got IT staff we want to keep

As your business grows, you’re more than likely to need some onsite to deal with a proportion of your IT issues, whether that’s 1st, 2nd or 3rd line support. And we completely get that, which is why when working with us, we can be flexible in the level of support that we can offer your business to complement your existing IT team. You may opt to keep 1st-line support and outsource 2nd and 3rd-line support, or vice versa. You’ll still reap all the same benefits listed above.

Sounds too good to be true to outsource your IT?

Well, we’ll be honest. It can be too good to be true if you work with the wrong provider. These benefits above can be quickly outweighed by the negatives, management issues, poor communication, and low service quality.

When selecting the right IT partner, ensure they understand your business, goals, and industry. Additionally, try to speak to a couple of their existing clients to see how their experiences have been. If their clients are willing to talk to you, it’s usually a good sign. Finally, ensure you’ve got a detailed contract of what your support includes and a detailed onboarding plan.

Next steps

OOutsourcing your IT is for the best, whether it’s the entire function or just certain levels of your support process. If you need guidance and advice, you can book a meeting with us or call us on 0345 504 8989.

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