Download our eBook: Cyber Security Strategy

Is there a better time to review cyber security? With the mass adoption of flexible working, you may find your existing cyber security plan outdated. We know the thought of creating such a plan can be daunting, which is why we have developed an eBook.

Part 1 – Evaluating your business

In this section, we evaluate the business’s plans now and into the future. We take a look at who currently looks after cyber security, your current processes, existing working practices and legislative requirements you might have.

Part 2 – Identify threats

Next, we help you rate your current security by focusing on key business areas that may be at risk of a cyber security incident. It is important to score yourself honestly to identify areas that need to be addressed.

Part 3 – Manage risk

In the final section we delve into business risks and develop your strategies to reduce the chances of a major incident. We introduce ideas for your business’s response to cyber security and suggest policies and procedures to consider implementing.

Do you have some questions about our Cyber Security strategy?

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