Orca's services continue as normal

With effect from March 18 2020, Orca’s Chorley office is temporarily closed in response to the Coronavirus epidemic. Our Business Continuity Plan has been activated and our staff are now all working as usual from home. Client services will continue as normal and our regular communication channels of phone and email remain open. This is a temporary measure and Orca is geared to operate from any location. We therefore do not anticipate any interruption to our normal high levels of services to our clients.

This operation reinforces Orca’s commitment to secure cloud-based technology which enables our business to function from any location, regardless of external circumstances. We regard it as a test of our Business Continuity Plan which enables us to continue our business as normal in the event of an emergency of any kind. We have taken these steps to work from home as a precaution to protect our colleagues in these difficult times. We hope that everyone will remain well and look forward to resuming work from Chorley in the near future.

To contact Orca, please use our regular phone and email contact details as below. Our client portal remains open for our clients as usual.

Our office reopen as soon as the immediate issue is declared over.

Phone: 0345 504 8989

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