Download our eBook: Technology doesn't solve everything

Time is a commodity that we all need more of. As a result, we have become heavily reliant on technology to solve our many problems. For instance, smart devices, apps and technology developments allow us to be more productive, communicate better and automate admin tasks. Similarly, the impact has been the same in work lives, as business applications transform once paper-based processes into digital ones.

However, let’s be clear; technology doesn’t solve everything. We are too quick to complete a web search to see what apps or software is available to make our lives easier. Before you know it, you have purchased a tool in haste, and it doesn’t actually solve your issue.

Not only that, but we are always expecting technology to do more than its actual capabilities. Yes, the likes of AI in a few years will be transformational, but we are not there just yet.

This approach to problem-solving means that your employees, clients, processes, and documentation suffer later down the line. Technology is only a tool and should be considered as one part of an overall solution.

Therefore, we have created our latest ebook, Technology doesn’t solve everything. It will help you get back to basics when problem-solving, from defining your problem all the way to creating the solution. Here are the 3 key steps:

  • 1 – Define what you want to achieve
  • 2 – Assessing your hindrances
  • 3 – Get creative with the solution

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