Does your IT provider understand your accountancy practice?

It only takes a google search to see thousands of IT companies providing IT services for accountancy practices. Sadly, many providers will hook you in with a cheap monthly cost only to then provide you with a mediocre break-fix service. As a result, you’ll spend more time focusing on IT problems than working as the service you expected isn’t up to scratch.

Unsurprisingly, accountancy practices benefit enormously from partnering with an IT provider who has an in-depth understanding of the industry. We’re not talking surface-level knowledge. We’re talking about understanding and supporting you through your high-pressured peaks such as tax season, knowledge and experience of the key accountancy software such as Sage, Xero, IRIS, CCH and awareness of the ever-changing environment accountancy practices find themselves in. Such things can only ever be understood by a provider that has worked with the top industry firms for several years. Therefore, you’ll receive support with greater added value, resulting in quicker resolutions and allowing you to focus on your clients and the tasks at hand.

So let’s look at what your IT provider needs to be delivering for your accountancy practice.

Are they supportive during peak periods?

Accountancy work levels rarely drop. But there are periods during the year where work hits an all-time high, such as audits, tax returns and submitting P11Ds. With strict deadlines and needing to meet clients’ expectations, it’s critical that your IT provider maintains maximum uptime and is flexible in delivering support when you need it. Essentially, your IT managed service provider needs to recognise these peak periods and help support you wherever possible.

Imagine that you’re working on a tax return late on the night of the submission deadline. Then you lose your data, and you contact your IT provider as a matter of urgency and receive no response. All too often, these tickets will be dealt with the next day, leading to missed deadlines and unhappy clients.

Or have you ever been working, and you’ve been interrupted by an update when it’s not been vital? Nothing more frustrating when you’re working on say an audit when you have to log off for an update. Especially when that could have been actioned overnight.

These incidents are unbelievably common, where IT providers have very little knowledge of the accountancy industry and its peak times. During these times an IT provider should be flexible with support and ensure your updates are completed with minimal disruption.

By partnering with us as your IT provider, you’ll have an outstanding IT experience, as we understand your peak times and can support you accordingly. So call us on 0345 504 8989 or book a meeting to discuss more.

What about knowledge of your accountancy systems such as Sage, Xero, IRIS, CCH?

From Sage, Xero, IRIS, CCH to others, there’s a vast amount of accountancy software available. Additionally, every accountancy practice probably has a slightly different setup. All too often, when an issue related to one of these third-party providers arises, inexperienced IT providers will tell you to contact the provider yourself to resolve it. Essentially, it’s not their problem. So you need to deal with it yourself, which isn’t helpful and impacts your working day. You’ll spend most of your time trying to decode the tech jargon from the third-party provider.

An IT provider with accountancy software knowledge and experience (like us) would approach this situation differently. Firstly, check the internal and vendors’ knowledge base to see if a fix can be easily applied. Often, problems regarding accountancy software are raised within the IT provider to see if others have experienced a similar issue before. Failing that, the IT provider should contact the third-party provider on your behalf, as they have ongoing relationships, so can usually get a resolution quicker. All within your allocated support hours. All in all, it allows you to concentrate on your working day. And your IT provider is the one who seeks a solution on your behalf with your accountancy software provider.

We’re here to allow you to focus on your clients and business, not be resolving various IT issues. If you’re dealing with software providers because your IT managed service provider won’t, move over to us. Call us on 0345 504 8989 or book a meeting to explore how we can help.

Do they understand the ever-changing environment?

The past couple of years has been an ever-changing environment, whether extended return deadlines or MTD push. A provider that doesn’t keep up to date with the industry will struggle to support you or suggest improvements to your overall IT experience. Even simple aspects, such as knowing not to schedule account management calls during high-pressured periods. Instead, schedule them for a quieter period. Or the support team understanding and sympathising with the deadlines you have to meet. If they can’t fix it straightway, at least give you a workaround until the issue is fully resolved, allowing you to continue working.

Your IT provider should be aware of the changing environment and be flexible to adapt to it to ensure you receive the support you need and the continuing recommendations to improve your IT experience. If they aren’t, you need to switch your provider.

We understand your industry and the changes that impact your workload. It means we can provide a high-quality service tailored to your accountancy practices needs. Switch to us for a better IT experience, call us on 0345 504 8989 or book a meeting with us.

How we can help your accountancy practice

We’re a managed service provider that works with many of Accountancy Ages Top 50+50 accountancy practices and many more. Our unparalleled industry knowledge, from understanding your high-pressure busy period to our experience and relationships with your third-party accountancy software providers, means that we know the ins and outs of your business, its needs and how you need it to function.

Don’t just take our word for it. Take a look at our accountancy case studies for Haines Watts, RfM and James Todd & Co. Additionally, you can read experiences from our clients on Clutch, a verified B2B review platform. It’s no wonder we’re in Cutch’s Top 3 Managed Services Providers in the UK.

Switch to us and receive a value-added service. Our unmatched accountancy experience results in quicker resolutions, maximum uptime and allows you to focus on your clients and tasks. Call us on 0345 504 8989 or contact us here to start your new IT experience with us.

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