Departments in the Spotlight - 3rd Line Team Leader - Tom Livesey

Can you start by telling us a bit about yourself?

My name is Tom, I’m Orca’s 3rd line team leader and I’ve been working here a little over five years. A fun fact about myself is that I once cooked a meal for Kevin Pietersen the day before he hit a century!

Could you explain a little bit of what your department does on a day-to-day basis?

The 3rd line team’s primary role is to assist the 2nd line team in resolving any client issues.

We also provide insights, planning and implementation of ongoing client projects and assist with Orca’s presales function, allowing us to help support the growth of the business.

What do you find most rewarding about your role/what keeps you motivated?

Over everything, the feeling of knowing we’ve done a good job to help the client. I think this is a factor that motivates the entire Orca team and leads to us all striving to take pride in everything that we do.

To ensure the client receives the best possible experience, we always look to achieve a first-time fix. I find it’s very rewarding to communicate with our clients, listen to their expectations and assist them to achieve their goals.

How does your department contribute to achieving our values of delivering a fast, high-quality service to our clients?

As the escalation point for the rest of the service desk, a large part of our 3rd lines role is assisting the 1st and 2nd line teams, pointing them in the right direction to come to high-quality and fast resolutions. Part of this role includes looking at each individual issue and ensuring we’re designating the right amount of time and resources to this. This ensures that we’re able to provide a high-quality long-term fix for a client, rather than taking shortcuts and providing a poor-quality solution that will only work for them in the short- term.

If 1st or 2nd line encounter an issue that is slightly more complex, we may look to take this issue off them, making it our focus to fix this as quickly as possible and go above and beyond our client’s expectations. Part of this process is then feeding the information back to the relevant department and letting them know our resolution. This helps us to ensure that the knowledge of our team is always improving, which leads to a higher quality response, which all leads to the best possible client experience.

What do you think we do differently that helps us stand out as an industry-leading Managed Service Provider?

We’ve got very strong principles on how technology should be managed, which we ensure we stick to. Our track record of delivering these standards means that our clients trust us and our judgment. They know that the solutions we provide have been carefully thought out with both their short-term and long-term goals in mind. These strong principles, our work ethic and our transparent relationship with our clients all contribute to our ability to deliver industry-leading support.

What do you enjoy most about working at Orca as a whole?

Simply, the people. Everyone at Orca understands the value of having a good relationship with the people you work with and how this can benefit us all. There are times in which we can have fun, but most importantly, our skills complement each other, allowing us to understand our strengths, knuckle down, work together and deliver the best possible service for our clients.

Complete this sentence: “When I’m not working, you can usually find me…”

Spending time with my kids, watching movies, TV shows and playing basketball.

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