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Orca’s expertise covers a wide range of IT platforms and industry-specific applications and includes strategic advice to clients about ways to optimise their IT systems.

For many businesses, a document management system (DMS) is an essential tool, enabling them to manage, maintain and store records.  Most businesses need to keep records for up to 7 years, which may include formats such as emails, PDFs and MS Office documents with subjects including HR, accounting and client files.

One of Orca’s clients, a leading accountancy firm had an extremely large volume of data in their document management system, an add-on module of a market-leading accountancy solution. The professional services division of the solution provider proposed remedial work that would cost the firm £32,000.

The Solution

Orca’s consultancy division reviewed the proposed solution and devised a simpler approach, which was more aligned to the client’s operational model. The client and the solution provider both agreed that Orca’s approach was more streamlined, and, as it would cost the client only £1,800, this was the best solution.

Orca has developed a range of optimised methodologies for users of this suite of accountancy software to enable its clients to maximise their investment in this widely used product.

For example, one of Orca’s consultants has devised a tool to enable batch indexing of SQL Server to improve performance and save time and storage.

Another example relates to the integration of Outlook into the accountancy suite. The standard system can only be configured manually per user, whereas Orca has devised a tool to set Outlook preferences automatically, saving time for the user and ensuring a standardised set of rules across the organisation.