Backups - while on lockdown

The world of work has radically changed in just a few short weeks due to the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result, the impact on everyone’s lives is changing our behaviour in unimaginable ways. Who would think we’d have to socially isolate from our family and friends and be confined to our homes?

Business continuity

Above all, business continuity plans are active with a real-life test. For some, the transition from office to home working is flagging issues, that weren’t considerations in their business continuity plans.

That’s why at Orca, we have been having regular catch-up calls. We discuss clients and enabling them to make the move to work from home as smooth as possible. Now we are through this initial busy period, we thought it might be useful to provide some information on remote working and to highlight things that may have slipped your mind with everything else going on.


Backups, not the most exciting aspect of anyone’s business life in all honesty! But that said, they are critical to keep your business running if you have to recover from a serious outage, theft, loss of premises or a cyber-attack. Unfortunately, cyber-attacks won’t go away during this pandemic so prepping your business is important.

We have been providing support and guidance to a number of businesses who still have on-premise solutions, rather than cloud-based systems. They are now unable to have a physical presence in their offices to change the backup media. In response, our team have been rolling out solutions to make sure their business data and systems are taken off-site. Using solutions from AWS and Azure have enabled these businesses to concentrate on the really important issues they are facing whilst having a working solution as the UK works through the lockdown. It’s one less thing for the business owners to worry about in the present climate.

If you don’t have anything in place to manage your backups, please do drop us a line. We want to help as many businesses as possible during these challenging times. If we can all work through this together, the UK’s business landscape be better.

Keep safe and well.

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