Are you one of the thousands affected by the Microsoft Exchange hack?

What is the Microsoft Exchange hack?

You’ve perhaps seen the recent news that hackers have targeted Microsoft Exchange as they detected a security hole in the ubiquitous email-server software. BBC News reports that Microsoft confirms thousands of Exchange accounts are compromised as this breach allows hackers to access the servers. They’re urging customers to update their on-premise systems with software fixes as soon as possible.

Whilst this may well be worrisome, you’re probably unaffected. For those of you on Microsoft 365 Exchange, you can probably rest a little easier. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean you aren’t running a version of Exchange on your local server. It may still be present on your systems, even if you’ve already moved to Microsoft 365 for email. Therefore it still poses a security risk.

If you’ve got a redundant installation of Exchange on your servers, this must be patched up fully.  The risk isn’t just that the mail-server software has a vulnerability, hackers can use it to install back-door utilities.

What should you do?

We highly recommend you check in with your provider as soon as possible. Check if your business is at risk, whether that is because you’re using Exchange or potentially have a version on a server.

If the answer to the question isn’t an unequivocal “no, you’re not at risk” and they cannot confirm if you’ve got a copy installed or whether they’ve patched it or not, then please speak to us at Orca, and we’d be happy to advise you on the next steps you need to take.

Are you doubting whether your existing providers have completed the work necessary? Don’t delay, take action. Get your systems checked over. If you find that your systems haven’t been patched, take a long, hard look at your IT provider’s service. Are you getting the best service?

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