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Virtual Chief Information Officers (vCIOs) have become increasingly popular with businesses that don’t require a full-time CIO. It’s a flexible and proactive part-time C-Level role that works with your existing board, as agreed. Therefore, you’ll benefit from their accountability, expertise, and knowledge helping to align your technology to your business goals.

Why you’ll benefit from our vCIO offering

Our vCIO offering is led by our Directors who have over 20+ years of experience in business ownership and delivering strategic led IT services. Our IT experience covers a wide range of businesses from professional services, childcare and wholesalers, amongst many other industries.

As a result, we’re passionate about aligning your technology, processes and people to help deliver your business objectives. This is an area that is often overlooked. Often, businesses just implement new technology thinking it will resolve a problem, and it usually creates more problems.

We’ll start with understanding the status quo, strengths and weaknesses, and the wider business goals. Next, we’ll consider your information, data, employees and clients. These can dramatically impact the course of action you need to take. Then, we’ll review your must-haves, improvements and transformations so we can prioritise them, which leads to finally formulating your IT strategic plan.

For us, this is a long-term strategic relationship with your business, not a fleeting one.

Next steps

Typically as your vCIO, we’d generally expect to be included in at least four board meetings a year, but of course, this all depends on your exact requirements and what works best for you and your business.

We believe all businesses can benefit from an independent vCIO so please don’t hesitate to get in touch today to learn more about our complete vCIO offering. In the meantime, download our vCIO product sheet for more information.

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