Our hosted desktop solutions provide secure, cloud-based technology that can be accessed anywhere, any time, via an internet connection. Log in securely to your desktop to access your business systems, wherever you may be.

Business agility with hosted desktop

Our hosted desktop platform gives users freedom to work from any location, knowing that they can be productive wherever they may be. Applications are hosted in the cloud, ensuring that everyone uses the same software versions, which are regularly updated for greater security. Adopting a hosted desktop platform empowers team working and greater collaboration, reduces duplication and maintains data integrity.

A hosted desktop platform enables greater flexibility, allowing staff to work from home when they need to, improving work/life balance and employee motivation. As data is stored centrally, sensitive business information is more secure, as it is not kept locally on individual devices.

As your business expands, a hosted desktop platform allows the IT system to scale up, enabling you to add new users and licences quickly and easily. If you acquire new businesses or add or move offices, the hosted desktop model supports your expansion with easy migration to a single, consolidated platform, ensuring that all offices have consistent systems and processes.

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Security and  automatic data backup are built into the hosted desktop model, so you can be confident that your sensitive data is safe. Data security processes are centralised and integrated across the hosted desktop, helping you to maintain appropriate regulatory compliance.

Data and applications are hosted offsite in our  UK ISO 27001 certified data centre, ensuring that  your data is backed up and secure, with a tested disaster recovery and business continuity programme included in the hosted desktop service.

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Hosted Desktop and 365 Pricing

Our Hosted Desktop pricing calculator is based on typical requirements and on a per-user, per month rate, therefore just a guide price. For a personalised quote based on your specific requirements please 0345 504 8989 or contact us here.

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